$20 for Afrika Bambaata- Let’s Get Expensified

I stopped in at the Virgin Megastore on my way back from Barnes and Noble tonight (big corporate shopping trip) to maybe give in to the urge to get a disc, but they wanted $20 for the new Afrika Bambaata. $20. $20. I, uh, $20.

I got the Big Silver Motor of Sin EP by Two Lone Swordsmen earlier today. I like it… but I wouldn’t have gone so far as to call it an EP- more like a single without the original version of the single track- only the b sides. If I had realized that, I might not have paid the $7, but at $7 it’s still almost worth it. I’m remembering a time when cds didn’t cost much more than $7 at an indie record store. What is going on?

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