I don’t believe you can communicate

Boy with no front seeks girl with no back

“Let’s take a trip together, headlong into the irresistable”


The voice from behind her tells her to leave what she has at the door, he’ll think about it.

I’m inside, I’m here, talking to you… I thought you were handsome, but I’m getting closer.

You’re not inside yet. The inside is retreating.

I thought you were handsome, but… is this a trick of the light? Your face is concave, like a mask, like I’m looking at it from behind…

The voice is behind her.

Please. I’m thinking.

What? You’re mumbling… you talk without moving your lips…

Did Ibn Fadlan fulfill his fears, did he sleep with the demon women of the north, the ones with no backs?

I’m leaving this here. You can have it. You can take it. You should take it. There are no strings. If you don’t, you know I’ll take it the wrong way…

“is this a competition?”

Talk from in front of me, I can’t see you, your arms are gone keep holding me

Don’t misunderstand me


easing back into stasis, ease back, going concave

the bed is empty.

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