I don’t think it was food poisoning.

I think it was this nasty stomach flu that’s been going around. Must have picked it up in the plane. This time last year I was in Jamaica, my mom was getting married, I was very fat (I’ll try to find a picture), and as soon as I returned home I had a mysterious case of “food poisoning,” also after a ride in a plane. It makes me wonder if I didn’t actually get the stomach flu then, too. And these incidents are almost exactly a year apart. I need to find a more pleasant “old dependable.”

Ok, no pictures of really fat Igor.

Now I have to campus or something and start doing research on the media and its presentation of authority in crime dramas. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t feel 100% or if I just don’t want to do it, but I have an overwhelming urge to just go to the Virgin Megastore and shop for cds. Maybe there’s room in my life for both things to happen. I can only hope.

Reading a blog recommended to me by a hirsute friend, I was reminded of a story I told no one but my mother about- a few weeks ago, right before the Ted Leo show at Bowery Ballroom, I was walking around the block to kill time, and there, walking down the street toward me, alone, was Teddy Leo. I almost said hi or something, but then I had that surreal moment where I realized Ted Leo doesn’t know who I am!. So we just both eyed each other suspiciously. Alright, now into the shower. Now onto the street. Food.