I love to love you, lover- and your horns

About 30 minutes ago, reeling from a strong cup of coffee, a strange feeling came over me. I wanted to have antlers.

Any fans of Laibach out there?

As I write this, I just recalled that Nami had sent me a portrait of me with a deer above my head. I need to get that framed.

Antlers. Yeah.

One thought on “I love to love you, lover- and your horns”

  1. I’m a fan of LIE-BOT. Good enough? Sitting here under my kotatsu in -10 degree snow & wind after an izakaya-full of いもしょうちゅう on a tuesday night, it feels good enough. And as my kanji is still lacking what does the SD link say actually? something about 女性? とにかくありがとう。。。

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