Almost nothing like it

I have gone from really horny to really depressed. I drink, I drink, I drink because when I don’t I don’t I don’t I get really depressed and overstimulated. I am going to experiment and see if I go crazy by the end of the week with no drinks. I was such a productive hangover yesterday.

Val really liked “Excuses for Travelers” by Mojave 3. They are a very good band, but mainly just because “Excuses for Travelers” was such an unforgettable fucking album. It is quite possible everything in that band’s members’ lives led to that band making that album. It is quite possible it is all downhill from there. But you would have to be a linear time fascist who liked excuses for putting people down if you thought that. Having been a traveler in need of excuses, I really related to this album. I still feel like one of those. I feel like a fish in the desert. I want a drink of whiskey.