David Byrne- I ♥ Powerpoint

Tonight I went to see David Byrne give a presentation on the medium of Powerpoint. His stance was that as long as the powerpoint was just a background, that it wasn’t being allowed to dictate the thought that was being presented or overly condense it, that it could be a freeing medium in that it could contain so many products of other forms of software presented, within its low-res limits, in unconventional ways potentially.

There were some pricks who stood up and asked a few untoward and hostile questions, but I think he took them with aplomb. Standing outside with friends before heading to a pub to eat, he came out, walked over to his bike, locked to a signpost, unlocked his bike, and walked with a group of self-important hoity-toits to some reception. I heard myself say “Thank you, Mr. Byrne.” He looked over and said, “Thank you.”

A few minutes later I realized I had 1) spoken to David Byrne as he was unlocking his ten-speed and 2) called him “Mr. Byrne.” It sounded funny, but I wanted to show the guy respect.