Kind of an old one about living in Uptown in Minneapolis

Been busy. Haven’t been able to post, really. Thought I’d air this one out.

Breathing bits and pieces of heat
Stunned daily
In recovery from and awaiting
Deeply religious experience.
Slack-jawed and vapid
Clawing at walking
And failing
Clawing at drinking
And failing well
Falling well short of expectations
Making do as though it’s the vogue

Clawing at running downhill
Desperate even in gravity’s good company
Failing miserably
And wondering at it

Uptown, you’re a suspect bitch

On Hennepin a spaghetti of veins and ink of
Skinny punk rock pasta
Dimming bulbs

Green as anything
As the people in it
Wet behind the ears
In uptown fallacious
Slumming it
Like a rock star

Here with my membership card
Me and lifestyle, boy
Hand in hand we’ll rock the party
In punch-drunk
We’re hanging up our watches
And stopping the clocks