Recounting some things, finally just talking about boobs.

I went and saw Elyse play at Lit Lounge last night. Highly enjoyable. She was backed up by Your New Best Friend, a really good band in their own right. I bought a few beers downstairs from the bartender there. They have an interesting system wherein one must pay and order from a dude sitting at the bar and not the barkeep, said barkeep being a warm saccharine plastic tart, white as bone and as thrilling and clean on the eyes as a stick of mentholated gum on the tongue. Her shirt said boy beater. The bouncer-looking fellow received my cash politely and even repeated the order to the girl behind the bar though she was in earshot, though she had been the one I actually addressed with my dipsomaniacal fancies to begin with. What does it mean? I paid the man for the services of a very fine lady.
My enthusiasm got the better of me and I woke up stuttering dumb and probably reeking of alcohol, 3 days of beard growth to corroborate the unblinking cherry tomato eyes I brought to work with me. Not glamorous. The song I’m working on remains unfinished, but closer.
Bearclaw, I learned, is going to be playing at Lit on the 17th, hot on the heels of their recent show with Shellac in Milwaukee.
I have redoubled my job hunting efforts. is pretty cool, as good as a pair of firm space-race rocket cone breasts (the kind that get a slight ski jump bend in the end when they’re bare), but not as easy on the eyes. Hell, I guess the only thing this website has in common with a great couple of breasts is that I like both of them.
A friend I met last night at Elyse’s show, she of the lovely legs and the catching up over whiskey, confided to me that she met Regina Spektor last night and Regina Spektor has beautiful, otherworldly, astonishing, surprisingly large breasts that no one can take their eyes off of.
Finally, I’ve decided to become an indian. I figure if it’s true that I’m 1/16 native I can probably get membership in a tribe, provided I can determine which tribe it is. If anyone has any resources that would come in handy please help me out by directing me to them. I would also be open to hearing any dirty Kachina doll jokes.

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  1. if you get any info concerning establishing Indian-ness, let me know, due to the fact that I am 1/8th something-Cherokee-ish (that’s what my ex-girlfriend said: she could sense it!). As for breasts, stomp on my fine friend, keep on groping, but softly, softly and carry a big stick.

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