BBC Article On British Author’s Book Makes Racist Allusions Connecting Rap Music and Neanderthals ::or:: "I Can See Them Rapping in My Mind"

I especially like the caption under the picture of the rapping guy that says “Have we come very far in the last 50,000 years?”.
Article is here.

Highlights include:
“Neanderthals would have sounded rather “nasal” in their singing because of their larger noses, Prof Mithen said.”

“The Neanderthals would have enjoyed it. They weren’t particularly creative people but they would have passed on little songs down the generations.”

“It is thought that language, separate from music, developed with modern man’s immediate African forebears.

But, according to Prof Mithen, words are not necessary, as long as the tune is good.”

“I think they would have particularly liked rap music. It has the sort of effect Neanderthals would have enjoyed.”

“I can see them rapping in my mind.”