A rundown of a million unrelated things:
Linux for the ipod.

I saw Scarlet Johannsen at Croxley eating 10 cent wings.

Yesterday I got Safety Scissors’ Tainted Lunch.

Brian Eno and Cluster’s 1977 collaboration, Cluster and Eno has been re-released, so two years after I start looking for it (three?) it is suddenly available to everyone. Hooray.

I am in possession of issue no. 2 of The Winter Men (Зимние Мужчины) and issue no. 3 of Desolation Jones. I read them last night.
There will certainly be more said regarding these.

Can someone please tell me how I can get hold of a copy of Good Sound by Mr. Schmuck’s Farm (AKA Schneider TM and a collaborator)? This shit is hard to get hold of if you are me and do not want to order from abroad.

For the time being, that will be all.