This Friday, I wear a new hat?

My experience in the working world thus far, post-grad school, has been a lot like I feared it would be and a lot like it was before. I’ve been sitting without much of anything to do in any kind of sequence. I’ve been left to my own devices but regarded questioningly, as those powers who are wonder if they needed to hire me. Today I move to the other side of the office to do some other task I may or may not be required to produce proof of labor on. Money trickles in, money trickles out. It’s getting cooler. My joints ache, especially on my typing hands, and I feel the grasshopper of the mind has foolishly used up all his serotonin during endlessly sunny summer days in the voluptuary. A love of sorts perches near my window and watches me lose my taste for excess. The seasons are changing within and without me, and I wonder if I’ll ever get to Europe. The days are deceptively endless, and the retarder is heavy with an antenna finger in my third eye. These are the things that humans do, but I have so many questions.