Brian Eno is selling lots of gear!

Via Musicthing:

Brian Eno is selling lots of gear!:

It’s Vemia auction time again. It’s a kind of cool private eBay for music geeks. Brian Eno is selling off his beloved (and battered) DX-7, which was presumably used to compose the Microsoft Sound, among one or two other pieces of music. He’s also selling a Prophet VS, Jellinghaus DX-7 Programmer and a couple of Mackie Mixers. The DX7 is already at almost £2,000. Other delights include Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) selling his 303 and a load of other gear. The auction ends on the 12th November. The Vemia Website is still an absolute nightmare to use and navigate (try to ignore the javascript faults and popups), but it’s well worth the effort. There was even a EMS Synthi with a starting bid of £20, but it’s already up to £1660…