What Have I Been Thinking?

I will leave it to intrepid souls to interpret and execute the amazing baked cheese dip described in the previous entry with so very few meaningful pointers. Suffice to say that this shit is good when baked within a bowl hollowed from a loaf of Hawaiian bread.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I need to think thankfully.

Thanks: this year is almost over. There are a JET AA Bonenkai and Shinenkai on the schedule in the near future- will be attending those.

Thanks: Man, what a year!

Still, as Jeff Tweedy would say, “short on long-term plans”, but making some kind of progress. Nearing 30. Very strange, but that is not to be mistaken for unique. Must remember that.

Been listening to the new Wilco live album:

“Kicking Television: Live in Chicago” (Wilco)

I am short on words, but this will be described in detail.