I Liked You Better

I saw Trainspotting for the first time yesterday, right after Fellini’s Amarcord. The response people have always given me when I would say that I hadn’t seen the film adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel is incredulity- how could I not have seen it?

I just hadn’t. And it’s a good thing. When it came out I probably wouldn’t have been able to get past the obfuscating themes of the film- heroin, general tomfoolery- to see to the meaningful themes- leaving people behind, standing on your own.

But, really, I would have liked Renton a whole lot better if he had left off that “I choose life” platitude at the end of the film. Yer gonna end it that way, stay a junkie, mate.

One thought on “I Liked You Better”

  1. I see Renton as a Junky, be it with H, British Sterling, or fucking 14 year-olds. He’ll never be not a Junky, and regardless, one could think of the “Choose Life” ending as a bit cheesy (which it is, Thank You Mr. Boyle) or as a bit of a warning: there is no safe haven, THIS IS LIFE. Or maybe it’s both.

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