Police Cat!

Tyrone “Harry Potter” Buckles, police cat, is remembered today at a memorial service being held at Walton Mortuary from 10 am until 1 pm. Tyrone “Harry Potter” Buckles was best known among the force for his sense of humor, his tendency to step on all the cop radio buttons and siren controls when the officers he was partnered with were alseep in the cruiser.

Tyrone “Harry Potter” Buckles was also part of a controversy several years ago, as it became clear that, when women officers became pregnant and before they left for maternity leave, the cat would have to go on sabbatical, so as not to infect the expectant with cat scratch fever or rare, mood-altering toxoplasmoids from his filthy kitty law enforcement paws.

Tyrone “Harry Potter” Buckles, you will be missed.