what’s been happenin’

I’ve been writing quite a few poems, working on some fiction, listening to Belle and Sebastian, negotiating the formation of a Smiths cover band, buying and selling books far in excess of my ability to read them, much less process the worlds and the implications of the points of view within. I’ve been listening to Japanese rock (Toddle, Ogre You Asshole, Niumun), still turning people on to The National.

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I’d like to go to a reading or two, put my average heart on my what would be, but for my exceeding naivete and self-centered nature, average sleeve. As it is, any readings/slams/etc I attend I would have to attend with the mismatched pair of my average heart and these threadbare and motley sleeves of pointless ostentation.
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I found the book unreadable- it was either me or the translation- but there is an Oe Kenzaburo book, I think it’s a short-story collection- called “Help Us to Overcome Our Madness.” I like to think about the title when I think about how 95% of what I do, at least, even at its most sincere, is bailing water from my unnecessary blunders, or the unthinking creation of new subtle barriers to sincerity.

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Above all, people need a long time, even to get it wrong.

Dostoevsky was an interesting one, one of these freaks of empathy able to flesh out all the furthest folded reaches of the human soul. You don’t see many authors like him anymore, strange in this age of total information awareness, stranger when you contrast this age with his natal era. A lot of my favorite authors seem to work up to a single idea as they plow and occasionally plod through their careers, book by book. Ellis? How many times did he write American Psycho before he wrote it?
Who else? I don’t know. Perhaps I’m talking out of my ass.

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Here’s to winning!

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