Rain, My Spending Habits

It’s raining this morning in New York. It’s early February, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting cold anytime soon. I used to reassure myself that the climactic change wasn’t really happening- it always seemed like the cold bit of winter had just been pushed a month or so further into the year. This year, however, the doomsayers are are attractive to me like a middle-aged fellow’s crises-beset divorcee’s genuflection at the altar of fresh nubility is to him.
That’s right. I am tempted to believe THE END IS NEAR as much as that balding guy who just split with his wife wants to give a girl in high school his wife’s cold sores.
Rain is shitty. But, so are the sidewalks, so I guess we need some.

I had a refund for some stuff on Amazon I got to use yesterday- replaced a borrowed book with a nice library copy, hardcover with dust jacket. Got the yet-to-be-released Belle and Sebastian, a new Polysics record (I have Neu! and For Young Electric Pop, but I think FYEP was released under a different title in the states). I also got “Musique Automatique” (Stereo Total)
by Stereo Total, because I couldn’t think of anything else to get.

-Craig Finn from The Hold Steady does a cameo on a P.O.S. (Minneapolis Hip-Hop) song.
-Egon Schiele exhibition at Neue Gallery is really good.
-currently reading Innocents Abroad by Twain.

-There is a new Morrissey track leaked
-There is a new Sufjan Stevens track leaked