Sunday, Sunday- Someone Forgot to Mention You

Good afternoon. Another Sunday has fallen on us, another week has rippled by.
I’ve been listening to The Juan Maclean, Jimmy Edgar, Number Girl, and, man, man- who else? I’d love to get hold of the new Sondre Lerche. It also occurs to me that I have, late in the game, also been really enjoying Vitalic‘s OK Cowboy.
The Replacements are getting a best-of together and recording a few new tracks to throw on it, to boot. Mentioned everywhere else, why not here?
My new copy of Solaris came in the mail yesterday by recently passed visionary Stanislaw Lem:

“…Grastrom set out to demonstrate that the most abstract achievements of science, the most advanced theories and victories of mathematics represented nothing more than a stumbling, one or two-step progression from our rude, prehistoric, anthropomorphic understanding of the universe around us…”

My Pitchfork Music Festival tix arrived in the mail on Friday. My paycheck, however, did not.

Balls, what a switch!

What else? What else?

Added links in sidebar to friends of Coerce You, Who Can Get Fucked, Bearclaw, Holy Roman Empire, Wind or Ghost. These guys are such friends to Coerce You that Coerce You is touched. Friends are what make a website that pretends to make a person’s individual point of view inherently important really special. You guys make each day pop, and you make me cooler.

Oh, hell yes. Yes. Hell of yes. More as it comes to me.