3 thoughts on “The Crazy Field”

  1. oh my godness! I just came across your web site during net surfing. what a curious coincidence…wow!!!
    guess what,i’ve been living in London nearly a year now. im still dying to visit or live in nyc though. anyway hope you are doing well!

    p.s i hope you remember me.

  2. Haha- Azusa! How’ve you been? of course i remember you. Good to hear you’re out in London. How has that been?

  3. Ive been quit good in London actually.i speak british english now.but i miss american english soo much actually!how weird.
    As every one know,everything is ridiculously expensive in here. A bottle of coke(500ml or something..?) is about 88p which is about $1.5 ! F that,isnt it?
    anyway you should show up to europe sometime if you get a chance.it would be brilliant!

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