It’s been some time since I posted anything here to coerce you. Those moments when I only want to sit down and write either haven’t been coming or happen whilst whiling my time away at work.
No excuses, just talking to talk, to be in the practice.
If’n you haven’t seen it, I recommend reading this.

Nassau by the Sea and Cake is one of those singular occurrences in the universe which will never again be repeated. As is the song noodling through my headphones right now, “A Summer Wasting” by Belle and Sebastian. To be an artist, to act always in the feline tense, to never stop in the sightless and distanceless oasis of Eliot’s shadow between the deed thought and the deed acted, to act with such continuous suppleness and seamlessness between the self and the works and deeds of your hands and days is on par with the creation of a new class of celestial body, is to ignore all the established rules of physics and introduce a new and independent stranger who only coincidentally resembles some distant and removed cousin to the gluon or some other of the brood of that tiny populace that teems to make up the fabric of all of our assumptions as to the foundation of every reality.

A bit of a non-sequitur, but I love electronic music. Aphex Twin, under moniker AFX/Analord has compiled and released on cd a selection of tracks from his recently ended Analord vinyl series. I bit and ordered it. It hasn’t arrived yet, but what I’ve heard of the Analord stuff I’ve liked very much. I got so excited about that that I got the Family Glue Global Goon album and soaked up the constantly surprising changes in production and sound that are James’ trademark. Then I listened to most of the Richard D. James album. Then I spent an hour making popping static noises on my synthesizer.

I am always energized when I hear the stuff Aphex Twin comes up with- I am energized because I am always surprised, I am always faked out at every musical fork in the track, and new things are always proven possible in his production. The possibility, the endless and confusion profligance of possibility available in electronic music is why I love it. It is the possibility to create a sound that has never existed before and to blow your own mind, and if you’re lucky, the mind of others with.