All the Happiness

The feeling of relief and finally-vindicated conviction following the massive shift in government from the rule of the deceptively-named “conservative” radical right to the mooshy center (or, I guess, what passes as a left these days) following the recent midterm elections has been echoed by the full spectrum of people that I meet throughout my day. Yeah, sure, “we won.” Yeah, sure, now we can get back to thinking about our venal social structures in our superior, all-inclusive way. Yeah, sure, maybe we’ll move away from pure emotional manipulation, smear, and total obfuscation of fact as we legislate a kinder, more liberal society. (the maybe is a little more, er, substantial on this count, if I were to hazard my opinion.)
I’m not kidding- I really do think “we won”. I really do think that we should allow gay people to enjoy unsegregated the benefits of marriage, I REALLY do think it’s time, as it has been for a long time, to simply come back to the false Christian fundamentalists with reason and a fat shut up in favor of real inclusive civic thinking and a government that is run by an ideology that responds to the lives of its constituents as opposed the lock-step march of a government that suffers from the idolatry of an ideology that puts the whole round world in a small, steel box out on the sand.
But, wow, geez- where the fuck was “we won” before the outgoing regime got in, made their money, and got out? Where was our enlightened public before we had our new regime of surveillance? Where were those votes when all of this could have been prevented?
Oh, what? They were voting the outgoing regime in?
So we swing to the left for a decade or so. And, as the Dillinger Four so aptly put in on their “Midwestern Songs of the Americas”: drown in a culture of peace/you turn your back to the beast/it’s so easy to do/it’s so easy
And recent resurrection rockers (over 20 years since their last release goes the unverified recollection of something I skimmed in a headline the other day) The Who once sang something that just hasn’t stopped reverberating in my mind’s ear. Something about us not getting fooled again? Something?
Oh, fuck it. Let’s go shopping and get married.