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  1. Like Marlowe’s killing of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness, it’s a story he’s come to believe from the exterior in. He’s been pelted with propaganda from his superiors about how much of a deadly, even eloquently so, deficit Kurtz has become. Forewarned and instinctually wary of Kurtz, Marlowe must act as quickly and efficiently as possible to fulfill his charge. Therefore Kurtz must die, regardless if he is actually right, insane, or merely criminaly justified in his actions. The contracts have been signed, the billboard has been pasted up as it were. Marlowe must Fuck and Run. In the deepest of abysses within all of our cavernous souls, there is the ability to overcome any impossibility, regardless of right or wrong. These basest of impulses make us alive. The ability to know the difference makes us human.

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