The Carnival of Leisure

It hit me yesterday that it’s already June. I was having beers last night with longtime friends at an establishment mere blocks from my house whose staffer obviously has a black belt in black-haired, black-eyed, other-continental girl watching, those friends being my chum from the days of teaching English in Nagano and recently-debuted collage artist of spinchronicity and my easygoing first roommate in New York from the NYU dorms, former drummer in the Florida punk scene, drummer on Great Leap Forward’s nearly-finished demo, and current industry mover and shaker. I was having a few leisurely beers with these guys as we shared the odd cock & bull story, distracted from all conversation intermittently by the serving staff’s (to us) terribly urgent proximity, and I realized it’s June. It’s June and a lot of things seem to be happening.

My move happened recently, for one, which brought me just a few blocks from my good friend from Nagano dipsomania days. My old roommate just moved to town, portending camaraderie and mayhem. The move means a new neighborhood, which neighborhood is excellent. There’s a new HESO out, in which you’ll find a contribution by yours truly, and there’s another one one the way.

Great Leap Forward, despite some lineup pitfalls, has written some good songs, 4 of which are soon to be fully mixed and mastered and ready to put out in the waxy canals of music snobs everywhere. Whether to their great otic offense or whether to their priapism’d chagrin, we’ll just wait to hear back.

The year seems to be going quickly, but a lot of shit is going down.