“ Gazing at the faces of the horses and the people, at this boundless stream of life raised up
by the power of my will and now hurtling into nowhere across the sunset-crimson steppe, I
often think: where am I in this flux?”
-Genghis Khan (from Buddha’s Little Finger, V. Pelevin)

I downloaded the live 9:30 Club Belle & Sebastian NPR “All Songs Considered” performance a few months ago, but as it clocks in at over an hour, I never set aside the time to sit down and give it a listen. That got corrected this weekend. I was running a couple unglamorous errands in Kmart on Friday, standing in the interminable and unglamorous Kmart checkout line, when the shuffle function on my iPod delivered the concert to me when I needed it most: as I stood burdened with a basket of cleaning products and household gewgaws reflecting on the national uniformity of Kmart’s employees’ checkout ineptitude and, despite my best efforts at avoidance, reluctantly eavesdropping on surrounding conversations. If you want to know about a barbecue being held this weekend and the demilitarized zone hole that was going to be dug in the middle of the yard for the burial of axes, email me off-topic and I’ll fill you in! There was some delicious self-inflicted social strife in the works.

I listened to a good 30 minutes of that live set on Friday, and reprised it with a straight-through listen while unpacking boxes on Saturday morning. Wonderful.

I like the file transfer program Pando. It is also worth checking out.

That’s about as focused a comment on anything I’m going to have right now, I guess. I have a lot of things on the brain that I’m having a hard time organizing and orienting in my fog. Where am I in this flux?