The Summer Stays Cold and the Things I am not Keeping Track Of Continue to Outdo my Attempts to Stay on top of Them (Which Attempts Are not Attempts, Per Se)

Ok, this is the week in which falls the great U.S. great Independence Day. That means that we are already 1 month through the summer, and I haven’t really done any of the great NYC stuff that there is to do for free here. It’s the season when the city sort of apologizes in a caddish, over-the-top Tad Allagash more brash than sincere kind of way for being basically unlivable.

What is happening this week?

The New Pornographers and Midlake are playing on the 4th in Battery Park, continuing for the second year running the practice of hiring a non-American band to headline the biggest free show in the country on Starsy & Stripesy’s “I was once a baby” day.

The Boredoms play on Saturday in the Brooklyn Bridge park. I’ve never seen the Boredoms, nor have I listened to more than about 10 seconds of any of their songs, but I’ve always imagined that listening to them brings all the middle-class emotional rewards of other kinds of committed diligence. It must be nice.

Cinematic Orchestra is also playing on Saturday in Central Park at Summerstage. For free.

Recommended to me was Banks Violette’s opening this week.

Banks Violette at Whitney
This artist sounds like a visceral type figure that acts on desires and creative impulses with felinity, and does it while hanging out with cool fucking metal rockers.

And if I could visualize the thing that would truly be amazing to report on, I’d be able to tell readers that this week I’d be on a plane embarking on a Gran Turismo of bravado and tall tales, divested of all financial worry.

Dig the week, and please let me know if there’s something cool going on.

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