Gui Boratto: Chromophobia

The name of Brazilian DJ Gui Boratto’s work of SonicRothko House, Chromophobia, is the only thing about this album that I don’t think fits. It’s an album of definite strokes. It’s an album of strict punctuation. It’s a visual album, absolutely, and one that stands very far afield of anything drab or colorless. It’s layers of discrete monophonics, each tone bold and uncomplicated, undistracted within itself by minor tones or deviations. It’s like looking at a Rothko. It’s like a Lichtenstein. It’s reminiscent of another very visual work by a fuzzier act in less of a hurry, the very good “In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country” EP by Boards of Canada- especially that record’s kaleidoscopic dream-strobing finishing track, Zoetrope. It’s like that, and yet it still opens up sometimes just enough to give you a cinematic, sparse orchestral fill before the sequencers start back in with the blipping density.

If it hasn’t arrived on your television under cover of Nissan advertisement, Minneapolis, MN headquartered retailer and New York City toeholder corporation Target seasonal spot, or culpability-defying, life-enhancing STD medication commercial, then just wait a few measures- destined for the mainstream feelgood techno track “Beautiful Life” is probably just one commercial bumper away from playing behind the box of habit-breaking nicotine patches you’re going to need to quit smoking the cigarettes you’re puffing while you chill and wait for this track to air.

Chromophobia was released in February of this year, 2007, on German label Kompakt.

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