Friday Sits Atop the Week Like a Solid Gold Cherry Atop a Sleep Deprivation Sundae

Tonight, wondergroup The National bare their profession on stage at the South Street Seaport. No scene for longshoremen, no scene for candied ladies of the fly-specked late afternoon, no scene any longer, even, for the fishmonger- the Seaport is a beautiful place where you can spend money. However, occasionally, in the long, muggy apology that is the New York summer, some great free rock shows are presented there. This is one of them. It’s part of the River to River festival, and its in support of the very deservedly-well-received “Boxer”, which you might recall me slobbering on at Heso, and in these very pages.

Sunday, August 17, Tiger Beer is having their annual crabfest at Riverview in Long Island City between 48th and 50th avenue. You could take the water taxi if you so desired. The website has directions. I can’t tell if there’s free beer or not, but I guess I’m innocently hoping so.

It’s late summer in New York. Go to work, get out of there, unwind. May the wind take your troubles away, and the events upcoming prompt you to utter at least one good, follow-through type “EUREKA.”

Oh, and new street paste-ups at Bedford and Grand.

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