Two Upcoming Events of Note: Carsten Nicolai at Kitchen 10/6 and Moools at Don Pedros 9/26 and Knitting Factory 9/28

Something to look forward to while murdering precious living moments.

Heretofore mentioned experimental electronic exhibitionist Carsten Nicolai will be performing at New York’s Kitchen on October 6.  Tix are $15 bucks.  A friggin’ steal.

Tokyo’s good-times absurdo-hilarious rockers Moools will be bringing their inter-song banter and poppy rock guitar ditties to New York City in late September.  They’re at Don Pedro’s 9/26 and Knitting Factory 9/28.  I don’t know how much this costs, but it’s probably worth it.  Pretend you’re important enough to be anywhere else and you’ll just have to reckon with yourself while you’re taking those last rites, won’t you?

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