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Of note today are these:

Sots-Anarcho-Enviro-Responsibility Transport Casserole
The New Yorker Festival will occur over the weekend of October 5, 6, and 7. The highlights are myriad, but of particular note is the event hosted by David Byrne on Saturday night, entitled “How New Yorkers Ride Bikes.” How this whole thing will be carried off is as yet unclear, but it will somehow involve “talks and performances” by a troupe of antique bicycle enthusiasts who, regardless of nativity, are currently from Brooklyn, oration from an architectural scholar, and the winter carnival that is a chorus of the elderly from Massachusetts. That is, it will include these among contributions from other characters partnered up to spoke the wheels of one common cause or another, all mediated and emceed by the personage of Mr. David Byrne in the service, possibly, of his chosen theme. That theme, again, is “How New Yorkers Ride Bikes”.

I saw David Byrne give the 2005 Marshall McLuhan Lecture at NYU’s Kimmel Center Auditorium, entitled “I (Heart) PowerPoint”. It was a very enjoyable experience. The reason for this stemmed from Byrne’s rather spacey and bemused style of exposition, the funny and subversive uses he both documented and to which he encouraged people to put normalizing technology such as PowerPoint (then the subject of a controversy surrounding its purported ability to make people with jobs “dumber”), and the hilarious antics of the McLuhanist Academy there assembled to pompously attempt to rake the guest speaker over the coals and embers cooling in the niches of their particular philosophical hearth. One good fellow demanded that Byrne construct a Mcluhanist tetrad of Media Effects for the program PowerPoint, presumedly to show that Byrne was a rock star who was not qualified to stand up in front of a bunch of McLuhanists telling them about their business. Byrne did not know what a tetrad is. The academy would be saved, their jobs would be safe.

Another pair of younger audience members were more excited to see their musical idol perform than to really get their heads around the idea of dissident uses of homogenizing and socially stratifying technologies. In addition to tittering at and along with Byrne’s occasionally rambling and tee-hee-ing discourse like schoolgirls willing to throw brassieres, these two asked if Byrne wouldn’t spend the remaining time he had available on-stage composing a new artistic PowerPoint presentation for their eager voyeuristic pleasure. He obliged, until it became uncomfortable and the lecture was ended.

With a lineup like the one he’ll have at his disposal, I can’t wait to see what sort of antics are prompted and what stuntmen ignited, unrehearsed. The members of the Young@Heart Chorus are none of them younger than 73. Do these guys even have their doctor’s consent to ride a bike? Tickets are $16.

No burning bush, only talking leaves.
This Sunday, 9/16, the Brooklyn Book Festival is taking place at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Borough Hall Plaza, Columbus Park, the Brooklyn Historical Society, and St. Francis College. I came across this looking for articles about Nelson Algren, and I was led to the festival from the front page of the National Book Foundation (said foundation having given Algren the first National Book Award for The Man With the Golden Arm). Like the New Yorker Festival, this looks to have a lot of discussions and presentations with writers, the difference being that this is earlier and it’s all free. There will also be a shitload of booksellers and publishers on hand. I’m going to be incurring papercuts from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Pining for a Binding
I stumbled onto a possibly useful site this morning while shopping for books – It’s a used and out-of-print 3rd-party book reseller marketplace. I’m not sure if you’ll find a much different selection or price range than on other resellers, but you never know when a resource like this could come in handy.

The Knights ADSR Templar
The Moog Foundation has announced that it has organized the first Moogfest Symposium at Columbia University on September 20, a panel discussion launching in coordination with the annual Moogfest being held at B.B. King’s in NYC on September 22. The symposium is happening at the Computer Music Center at Columbia University, and features synthetic music pioneer Gershon Kingsley, Moog Synthesizer development collaborator Herbert Deutsch, Electronic Music Foundation President Joel Chadabe, John Eaton, Trevor Pinch, and David Borden. The solder flies and the pots are panned at 8 PM.

The tickets to Moogfest are $45, and Thomas Dolby is playing. As near as I can tell, the Moogfest Symposium is as free as America- but no music, professor.

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