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I ordered a Ma-cha latte at a local check-in recently, and there was something different about it. She didn’t put coffee in it like she usually does, only the green tea and soy milk. The result is below. Trepidatious, I quaffed about the edges of the cup. It could have used the coffee.
Grim Sips

Here’s a cheap pylon-insect land tube worm. It’s hard shell is nearly shiny and complete. The buildings that used to stand here smelled like a basement. People with personalities dictated to them by the cooperation of their insecurities and myspace will probably live here, and they will most definitely have a lot more money than me.
Outer Shell Sleek But Unfinished
In a land of plenty, you can get away in any colour you like. Maybe you were a charcoal person before- now’s your chance to turn it all around, make new friends in a faraway place, and go beige for the stars. Take care- it’s getting harder to dodge the folks from back home when you make these new starts as they all start slithering online.
Portent of Portability

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  1. Is that a cock and balls in that tea or is it a vagina with a feather sticking out of it? You New Yorkers are so ambiguous about this stuff! I’m not sure if I’m afraid of putting my lips to the cup or if burning my tongue would be a sex act.

    Lamar wonders what Igor thinks about the Hollywood-backed higher education bill recently submitted by the Democracks.

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