There is a Ridiculous Amount of Stuff Coming Down Out of the Hopper.

Portishead, after almost daily tripping over themselves with their surprise club sets here and there for the past year to tease us with the notion they might be half the way there with their new album, have made it official. Not only playing and curating this weekend’s Nightmare Before Christmas All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival, but their new album, first in ten years, is also releasing sometime in April.

Hot Water Music is reuniting at least long enough to wage a spate of shows, hitting NJ in late January and releasing a new record

Clark just came out with a pre-album EP called Throttle Promoter ahead of the planned-for-January Turning Dragon. Listen here:

The Breeders have a new album on the way, following up one of the most rewarding albums in semi-recent memory (It’s been over 5 years now, right?). News release here. Unfortunately, the teaser track they had up on their Myspace has already been taken down.

Destroyer, whose European Oils contains about the best ever use of the emphatic f-bomb, not to undermine singer Dan Bejar’s current ranking as next in line for the Leonard Cohen cup as far as lyrics are concerned, is coming out with a new one March 18.

The Silver Jews are doing it up in April, too.

Not to mention that there is a band in the very local vicinity currently writing and gaining momentum and likely to be out and about by February or April.

How is an enthusiast supposed to keep up?