Lest Ye Wear Ye Pants too High

An early Vince Clarke-penned Depeche Mode bell-ringer, “I Sometimes Wish I was Dead” was not included with the original American release of Speak and Spell in ’81.  It’s a sparse and shockingly happy little song about clubbing… and shame?  If he had been referring to shame over dancing with the lead singer of his band it wouldn’t be far off for anyone to say that, yes, dancing with Dave Gahan all the time was a crime.  This only because it probably just encouraged him to keep dressing like Ed Grimley.

Observe, via the miracle of VHS, DM in Amsterdam in ’81, just before Gahan’s pants finally got the better of him and he had to be escorted to Reed Richards’ FF laboratories to remove the evil alien slacks symbiote that was devouring him.