Mayor for Life Elected in Landslide

Chicago’s Mayor for Life continue becoming more amazing.  Posted here is a video from their April 25 show at the previously mentioned (and in that mention not nearly sufficiently fêted) Union Rock Yards.

Three guys whose displays of confidence and technical skill as they play are only rivaled by the amazing sound they produce.

This is music by tone freaks for panic-inducing play in enclosed spaces.

Imagine a universe that makes sense.  In that universe you enter an office building after hours, uncertain of the exact time or the calendar year.  You arrive puposefully at a piece of office furniture under which is installed an ergonomic chair.  You do not hesitate.  You move the chair to one side.  Crouching, you find the small lockbox in the dark without needing to look to know that it is there.  The box is either impossible to move or impossibly light, and this piece of information factors into your decision not to attempt to make any alteration to its location.  You know the combination to open the box.  However, the box will not open.  With every turn of the dial whose printed characters, though you cannot see them, you are absolutely certain would frustrate all attempts at recognition, a music begins to rise in amplitude.  You become aware that the music is coming from inside the lockbox.  You try to open the box for much longer than night should last, but the sun does not rise and no one who works at this office reports for duty.  Eventually you lie on the floor with your head upon the box and your arms about it and fall into an exhausted slumber.  You are weeping.  YOU CANNOT FUCKING OPEN THE BOX.  Meanwhile the muscular punctuation of the rock only gets louder.

This is noise with a visual grain, so get your eyes in your ears and hit play.