Talkin’ Shit about a Pretty Stage Backdrop

Witness the Shat dressed to go camping in front of a mountainous canyon backdrop on a soundstage somewhere, cut and pasted out of his previous no-less-bizarre, I’m sure, narrative moment and into the mode of musical entertainment.  I don’t mean the kind of musical entertainment Mr. Shatner normally engages in.

This shockingly amusing video was put together from preexisting footage and technology by Fall on your Sword.  Based on the video on their site of a live performance (or performances?) they gave as a band in NY this year, the group appears to be a mixture between a video artist remix collective and a tired new wave band.  It’s too bad that as a band they sound so much like the Faint circa Blank Wave Arcade.  That record, all 20 or 25 minutes of it, was the jolt in the rectum that bent the musical tide back toward total dependence on synthesizers, and it still sounds great today, but not even the Faint have been able to come out with anything since that remotely justifies their continued existence (or terrible lyrics) in light of it.

Not to get off topic, what I mean to say is, dudes stirring up some techy jokey nostalgia should stick to the techy jokey nostalgia or really blow some socks off when they man the rock ramparts.  More discomfiting collages like “Back to the Ship”, fewer Roxy Music covers, please, Fall on your Sword!