Intense Pop for your Burrito (for that ass)

Occasionally a thing comes along that is so blisteringly, powerfully overdriven and flawlessly done that I sit bolt upright and feel like I’m going to shit bolts of lightning when I see it.  Yes, this is pop, but it’s also so much more than the human sensory apparatus should be able to take that I’m not apologizing.

Capsule.  Jumper.  A song whose lyrics I haven’t untangled, but which seems to suggest the mighty awesomeness of jumping.  Jumping is pretty cool, I guess, but not nearly as cool as this video.  This video just recycles all the old techno/trance video tropes around since the ’90s of computer animated 3-D objects flying through space tunnels to synthetic beats, but it does it while updating them with neat new hi-resolution effects niftily tied in with the EQ.  Shit some lightning bolts!