Get Haunted

Listen to this record.  You can read all the same reviews everywhere, so you don’t need me to rehash them.  As that is what it is, as the rich hues of meaning have already been drained from pale words careening from the walls of the surfeit of reviews out there that quote just-learned (and just as soon forgotten) facts as though they were common knowledge, I’m going to talk about something else.  Suffice it to say this is good, good, good.

I’ve been reading Alice Munro’s story collection Open Secrets this week.  The experience I have been met with is the very surprise I welcome— as much as one can welcome the unanticipated.  It’s that of picking up an author I’m not familiar with and being drawn in by her matter-of-fact, confident observations, her unapologetic allegations on human nature.  Her voice is loud, rooted in a particular reality and morality, and incontrovertible.  The book is a series of interwoven stories about love’s progress, transformation, or dissolution set in a rural town in Ontario, with heavy reliance on the devices of correspondence, travel, rural eccentrics, and unsolved disappearances.  So, in addition to recommending a record so widely touted already, I suggest picking up some Munro and seeing what she can do for you.
Colors In Time by Sonic Cathedral