Interpol’s Secrets… REVEALED.

It was about a year ago that a good friend of mine revealed to me that he had unwittingly quite possibly discovered the secrets to New York City Barons of Blasé Interpol’s incontrovertible- even despite their last couple albums- awesomeness.

It was not Joy Division that the band took after most, as some mused when the band’s first record, Turn on the Bright Lights, appeared on record store racks at a special Matador-reduced price intended to to move those units.  Sure, both Joy Division and Interpol were bands whose music was at times dark and sparse, but there was something cavernous and distant about Interpol’s attitude and sound that didn’t match up with the barely contained fury of Ian Curtis and co.  Joy Division was suffused with a similar darkness, but something about the two styles didn’t mesh when the bands were compared.

Unflagging devotion to what band gave these well-dressed dudes the edge over other indie wunderkinds?

Here is the video for the new single, “Lights”, from the forthcoming self-titled 9/7 CD release.

Here is the first track from the Chameleons’ 1983 debut album, The Script of the Bridge.

Do these two songs bear any significant resemblance to one another?

Is this Chameleons record the shard of Krypton that lies at the cool, cool heart of Interpol’s fortress of attitude?  If so, they deserve their accolades for bringing back a cool sound and doing it really, really well.