Shitty Cell Phone Photos of: Kurt Vile

I’m out here for the summer on the humid prairie, blown to and fro by the hot moist winds.  Bloomington, Indiana is a theme park town about an hour south of Indianapolis that has all the urban amenities you might want as a student or a visiting scholar- nice restaurants, plenty of bars, cheap drink- with none of that access to the outside world you might be expecting.  It’s really in the middle of nowhere.  It also has a hipster venue where all the traveling acts passing through the midwest stop off to dance their jigs for proud townies and college students alike.

Luckily for me, Kurt Vile came through on the 15th and put on a really excellent show.  He’s got a sound that’s a cross between Deerhunter and Paul Westerberg.

I present to you three shitty cell phone photos of that show, one of which is of in the main boring opener Real Estate.

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