2 thoughts on “Tyler the Creator is Insane Clown Posse Over Dr. Octagon Beats”

    1. It’s not a good thing. I can’t see what the difference is between Tyler and ICP- both are pushing mainstream hate. Tyler gets a by because he’s supposed to be underground. The production is really good, but nothing that hasn’t been done on an El-P record or a Kool Keith record. I’ve seen some people say that he’s analyzing himself as he spouts violent misogyny, making it a new way forward in hip-hop and keeping it from doing the harm that his rhetoric implies on its face, but I can’t help but think that the “analysis” skits he is doing in some of his songs is just a crust tossed out to critics so he can go even further into “taboos”. Maybe he does think he’s just pushing boundaries, but boundary-pushing isn’t the end goal in art. And in that case, then, why THESE particular boundaries? Misogyny and solipsistic violence are already tropes in hip-hop and mainstream culture. It takes a lot of finessing to satirize readily accepted ideas by making them bigger than they are without just being the thing you are supposedly satirizing. In the end, I don’t think he’s satirizing anything. I think his subject matter is more telling of who he is- saying it’s a shock-value thing is a matter of convenience- especially since his anger and misogyny are already present and prevalent in society at large. It’s another case of something labeled underground that just spouts the same intolerance and violence that underground art was devised to get away from to begin with.

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