Rock ‘n Roll Synergy

Rock revelation morning- I was listening to the Modern Lovers S/T this morning and noticed something strikingly familiar about the chorus of “She Cracked”.  I pulled that thread to see what all else was attached.  Here is what a bit of rock serendipity, the availability of the Internet, and about 15 minutes of firing search strings into the void can do:

In 1955 Elvis Presley recorded the Sun Records single “I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone” as the B-side to “Baby, Let’s Play House.”  Jerry Lee Lewis recorded a version in the ’70s, and Tom Jones recorded it as part of his Reload collaborations record in 1999 (you know, the one on which he covers “Burning Down the House” with one of the only two beautiful women in music, Nina Persson).  Nothing much more needs to be said about that.  Here’s the Elvis vid.

Between 1971 and 1972 John Cale recorded the Modern Lovers‘ debut album, released in 1976.  On this record there is a track entitled “She Cracked” that uses a slight reinterpretation of rhythm of the chorus to adapt the left and lonely Presley song to a laconic “Little Sister, don’t do what your big sister does” take-away message.  Vid is below.

In 1977 Hansjörg (dba Giorgio, dba Me Giorgio) Moroder released the otherworldly sleazy disco scorcher with the same title as the Elvis tune and the same rhythm scheme for the vocoded chorus that the Modern Lovers used.  Watch you don’t get any glitter on your keyboard listening to this.