DyE – Taki 183

DyE has Frenchified your nostalgia.

This is a dance-oriented take on the whole electronic shoegaze thing happening out there in the world beyond the computer screen.  In places it has that party-of-my-life as the sun’s going down someplace warm, the world and its ways have not yet given you permanent low-back problems related to sitting in a desk chair kind of feel, and in others its pure cold electronics.  The opening track, “Nike”, and the excellent “Fantasy” fall into the first category.  It also roams out of that sense of false nostalgia into homage to the goofy disco eccentricities of someone like Giorgio Moroder, as heard on Cristal D’Acier.  What separates DyE from counterparts such as Small Black or Neon Indian is that his brand of step-sequenced goodness for the most part maintains a compressed, front and center allegiance to the four-on-the-floor dancefloor beat and a melodic structure tied back to Euro disco, while for the aforementioned it’s the shimmer and the atmosphere that get all the loving care.  Dance music’s impression is all over this record – if you listen, Fantasy’s melodic keyboard progression plays like a half-time version of the keys on Black Box’s “Strike it Up”.  Is that not enough pop crossover?  The disturbing body horror of the video for Fantasy gives an interesting take on the Cthulu myth while touching down on Charles Burns Black Hole territory, to boot.  You can get this from Tigersushi, linked above, or iTunes.