Intense Pop for your Burrito (for that ass)

Occasionally a thing comes along that is so blisteringly, powerfully overdriven and flawlessly done that I sit bolt upright and feel like I’m going to shit bolts of lightning when I see it.  Yes, this is pop, but it’s also so much more than the human sensory apparatus should be able to take that I’m not apologizing.

Capsule.  Jumper.  A song whose lyrics I haven’t untangled, but which seems to suggest the mighty awesomeness of jumping.  Jumping is pretty cool, I guess, but not nearly as cool as this video.  This video just recycles all the old techno/trance video tropes around since the ’90s of computer animated 3-D objects flying through space tunnels to synthetic beats, but it does it while updating them with neat new hi-resolution effects niftily tied in with the EQ.  Shit some lightning bolts!

unitxt Short Film: Asleep Amidst Wonder

There aren’t many other places as well-matched for this very simple story to have been located in.  A tired-looking blue-collar type approaches a vending machine in a sleeping Japanese village, only to have voice and music issue instead of refreshment.  What does the fellow do?  Well, the machine intelligence suddenly at play in the bank of vending machines has nothing to do with him, does it?  He looks on, nonplussed, until he can finally get the beverage to dispense.  When it does, he walks back to his truck and drives away. It’s like a scene out of a Murakami novel- an ordinary person in an extraordinary circumstance willfully remains ordinary.

Oh, crushingly abetted modernity.

This is from glitch pioneer and sound artist Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and collaborator and French sound poet Anne-James Chaton, the project issued under the name unitxt in 2008 from Raster-Noton.