Diversion on a Monday

A weekend of halcyon days in the sun gone, a few tunes should be put on.

A few songs to put a person through an hour or so, to foment some small rebellion among the androids, to encourage a rising up against the civilized worm.  Give the human race a try, get back to the original heart.  Use the satellites in ways never intended- to truly connect to someone else.  Do your part to see that you’re not the last human being left standing; it does no good to be a Robinson Crusoe among the fully devolved.

Somebody do something today.  Everyone, do something today.

Tata Steel

Tata Steel, as mentioned in the article the fellows from New York Reggae band Steel Pulse will link you on your mellow way to, has acquired Corus Steel. No word on whether the Tatas will seek to acquire New York Reggae band Steel Pulse, but it is a sure bet that members of New York Reggae band Steel Pulse would like to acquire some tatas. Am I right, fellas? Am I right?