I read the news

“Obama’s not our boyfriend anymore”

you see

they’ll say anything to stay confused

as though romance is a democracy

or a vote can bring a love that’s true

I’ll tell you the secret of the Word

(No, I won’t tell)

These songs just write themselves

The tools of the hex

The dam that holds back the happening

the ocean of the years

I’ll tell you the secret of the Word

(No, I can’t tell)

These songs just write themselves.


You blew in like an evil wind,
and when you left it was like a candle blowing out.
You sang to us with the strength of sin,
and chased the darkness with your shout.

Time chips away white pain in white rooms
Where all that’s left are amplifier cords
And we still wander like a minotaur
In the agony and kindness of your words

Fear and grandeur
Love and loss
Charity and pity
Understanding of the scene
Of human heartache and doomed rebellion
In every frozen city where you’ve been

Screaming for every one of us
lost and never found
and running our whole lives ever since we hit the ground
Broken as a rule, you taught us that when it hurts
We can always jump like wrenches in the works.