The fish in solitude, in communion with the houseplant the roots of which extend into his bowl

every day swim around swim around

And me in my room, in communion with messages encoded as music inside the bowl inside my mind

bob your head

talking to the things we have by changing for them

Cthulu in a rage of love

Do not ask me to make any petty descriptions, I can only give you a look

and ascend into a perfectly black envelope outside time and space

in a pitiless cold where I will shine without air and without lungs

and hum and shudder a slow, dirging gravity

shaking with love,

shaking with love

Total Information Awareness=The Greatest Love, the Greatest Love

Total Information Awareness

Category Singularity

Inside the single mold


We learn a love that is all places at once

We touch a thing so big its size is translated to speed

In absolute understanding and absolute location

Our embrace no longer extends

To brush a nipple, to cup a breast

but no longer needs to move

and another thing

My advisor ducked out of my appointment to talk to her about my paper today, so I have to work on my annotated bibliography all on my lonesome over break. It will be a good chance to get out of the house and stay active, I guess. Always merry and bright.

always merry and bright.