cds I want right now

Afrika Bambaata – Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light

Ova Looven – 58:34 (Antarctica’s 81:03 remains one of my favorite recordings of all time)

Gros – Radio Islas

Harmonia – Musik Von Harmonia

That is all for now.

The Clash Were So Good

do people know that? I’d wear a white shirt and a badge that says “anarchy libertyfucker” and go door to door to preach it to lonely suburban tittyfuckees

It’s important like jehova

Stand Perfectly Still, Hands in Robot Position, This is How to Fly

Had a flying dream last night. The way to fly is to hold the invisible rails so you look like a rock em sock em robot with your arms held out in front of you. Your ability to leave the ground is dependent on the strength of your arms, your ability to support your weight from crooked elbows. Floated around the top of a fast food joint, descended to scare an ex.

write a paper have to write a paper

This morning I went back to bed after getting up. As a reward, I received a dream of fucking a french cop who was manhunting me in Vancouver after I had fled something or other by going over a waterfall in Idaho. 2 french woman cops.

link to online comic “I Talk to the Wind.”

$20 for Afrika Bambaata- Let’s Get Expensified

I stopped in at the Virgin Megastore on my way back from Barnes and Noble tonight (big corporate shopping trip) to maybe give in to the urge to get a disc, but they wanted $20 for the new Afrika Bambaata. $20. $20. I, uh, $20.

I got the Big Silver Motor of Sin EP by Two Lone Swordsmen earlier today. I like it… but I wouldn’t have gone so far as to call it an EP- more like a single without the original version of the single track- only the b sides. If I had realized that, I might not have paid the $7, but at $7 it’s still almost worth it. I’m remembering a time when cds didn’t cost much more than $7 at an indie record store. What is going on?