David Bazan at Bowery Ballroom 10/18/09

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Here are some shitty phone camera photos of the show I went to last night!

David Bazan played last night at Bowery Ballroom, supported by openers Say Hi, who came out and more than earned the crowd’s attention as an opening act and followed that up by performing again as part of Bazan’s band.  On Bazan’s left from the perspective of the audience, Lev Tolstoy shredded the lead guitar.

Vocal harmony, phenomenal lyricism, astounding musical complexity, and a huge wall of rock sound all combined to form a tight canopy of good feelings that hung over the crowd despite the often heavy subject matter.  Bazan bantered freely between songs, requesting questions from the audience.  He performed most of his encore unaccompanied save for the noise he was making with his electric guitar.

I have very little to say other than that this was a great, great show.

Stereo Total with Openers The Octopus Project, Bowery Ballroom 8.24.07

Brezel Leaves no stone of retro trend unturned, has a bit of a surf.
Brezel takes a dive.
The crowd crowds the stage during the encore
The crowd was asked onto the stage during the encore for a bit of dancing. Unfortunately, the photographer was also dancing.
Francoise & Brezel under lights
Stereo Total
Octopus Project
Octo Plays the Teremin.

Fantastic show. Octopus Project opened with an extremely busy set of soft-textured synthy post-rock. The layering of guitars, drums, and beautifully pure synthesizer tones made me close my eyes and float with the notes in space more than once. The whole band ran around the stage like the parts of a Wankle rotary engine, executing daring and astounding feats of multi-instrumentalism much to the crowd’s delight and approval. If their current band name wears thin and they consider a change, they might think of switching it to Mazda RX-7. I need to learn more about this band to give more pointed kudos, but the stylish lady cephalizing it all was quite an accomplished performer on the Theremin. A very friendly and talkative crew, to boot. Their new album comes out in October.

Francoise Cactus and Brezel Göring, Stereo Total, came on the stage and rained on the crowd with rapid fire pop, spending cartridge after cartridge of danceable disco/rockabilly/pop/rock/electronic ditties. Their energy was infectious- Brezel didn’t want to stop playing after the second encore, and Francoise’ running commentary was both hilarious and enchanting. They pulled a lucky member of the audience onstage to perform their song “Menage a Trois”, and pulled half the audience on stage near the end of their show for a dancing accompaniment to their danceable pop that lasted through to the end of the last encore.

God DAMN I had fun. Their new album, “Paris-Berlin”, just came out. Haven’t heard it yet, but I need to.

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