Shitty Cell Phone Photos of The War on Drugs at the Tractor Tavern, Seattle

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We made our way last night to the Tractor Tavern in Ballard to take in the War on Drugs show. The sound was great, the band was great, etc.

Those guys really love what they’re doing, and the swirling, tinkling ambience they coax out of the combination of guitars, a Rhodes, samplers, a backline, and a bass just never sounds wrong.

The openers were Carter Tanton and Purling Hiss.  Carter Tanton played tunes that were definitely cut from the same remnants of Technicolor dreamdenim as the headliners, with hints of Baba O’Reilly floating out of the guitar tinkle now and again.  My wife described them as sounding a bit like the Cure covering the War on Drugs.  Oh, Jesus!  I’m feebly gumming rock critic similes!  You decide!  Purling Hiss was unabashed cock-rocking burnout guitar solo metal and good times.