Re-feeling Oats, Reeling in Years

I visited NPR’s site today and was surprised to see a Swervedriver song posted as part of NPR’s Song of the Day feature.  There it is.  “Rave Down” off of the recently re-released Raise.  And here I had only recently listened to the band for the first time after a friend suggested I check out Mezcal Head.

I did check out Mezcal Head, and I am happy to report that I enjoyed it.  It didn’t stay in my rotation, but it was a nice rough-edged addition to the pretty noisiness of that era.  It’s good they get to catch a second wind while we ’90s come-uppers settle into our wistful reveries of times when all new things just didn’t sound so derivative or precious.  Check out Mezcal Head for yourself below.

Kurt Wagner Gets Tiny

Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner did a tiny desk concert for NPR’s All Songs Considered last month October 8, I was this evening delighted to learn.