The billiard player song

Steve Albini is the most uncompromisingly moral punk ever to commit tone to tape.

“A lot of people think she’s crazy, but I, I know a lot of people and… I think she’s alright.”

Two versions of this classic embedded here, one live in Tokyo in the early ’90s, and one studio cut.

Diversion on a Monday

A weekend of halcyon days in the sun gone, a few tunes should be put on.

A few songs to put a person through an hour or so, to foment some small rebellion among the androids, to encourage a rising up against the civilized worm.  Give the human race a try, get back to the original heart.  Use the satellites in ways never intended- to truly connect to someone else.  Do your part to see that you’re not the last human being left standing; it does no good to be a Robinson Crusoe among the fully devolved.

Somebody do something today.  Everyone, do something today.